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              This site has been set up in an effort to inform those who are interested in Bipolar Mixed States. We will do this as well as we are able and as far as our limited resources will allow.

               It also came into existence as when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Mixed States. I attempted to find information about it as I was totally confused as I thought I could not have the disorder, due to the fact that I did not have the classic alternating manic or hypomanic and depression symptoms.

              We searched further and found there is not a lot of information in regard to Bipolar Mixed States. We have aimed to present in this one site, what we hope is relevant information in regard to Bipolar Mixed States.

              We present this information in a manner, which does not require any scientific or medical type training to understand. Thus this site contains information, which we hope is interesting and helpful to any layperson who wishes to enquire about or understand more about Bipolar Mixed States. These could be those with Bipolar or friends and relatives of those who may have Bipolar Mixed States, and who would like a better understanding of Bipolar Mixed States.

              This layperson has a B.Sc (twenty five years ago) where she studied microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology and who has devoted some time researching for information about Bipolar Mixed States. While this previous education and her own experiences with Bipolar Mixed States may assist with her interpretations, it does not make her medically knowledgeable at all, or correct in her interpretations. Her interpretations cannot replace those of a medical professional.

               This site is financed by the webmistrss alone. We do not allow advertising.

               For a pdf list of the various written material that the above layperson studied please click on Web Bibliography.

Jennifer Allen